Olifants North Game Reserve

Sightings from the following months are available on this page:

Date Name Unit Sighting Location
2018-09-14 Duncan B21 Female Leopard Wilde beest dam
2018-09-13 Heidi B21 Mating lion pair Bottom of old air strip
2018-09-13 Heidi B21 Large Breeding herd of Elephant Causeway
2018-09-11 Fritha B3 Civets Hyena rd & B3
2018-09-11 Fritha B3 Spotted eagle owl Kudu Pan
2018-09-09 Pierre B4 Leopard Causeway
2018-09-09 Pierre B4 Leopard Old Airstrip
2018-09-09 Pierre B4 3 Lionesses Driveway between B3 & B4
2018-09-09 Fritha B3 Leopars Driftwood drive
2018-09-09 Fritha B3 3 Male Lions Secret Valley
2018-09-08 Heidi B21 Male Lions Wildebeest dam
2018-09-07 Pierre B4 Leopard Ebony rd , Pezula link
2018-09-04 Fritha B3 4 Lionesses Maseke cut line to Wildebeest dam
2018-09-03 Fritha B3 Southern White faced Owl Ebony rd / Old air strip
2018-09-02 Uli A9 Breeding herd of elephants Instant Alley
2018-09-02 Uli A9 Breeding herd of elephants South Bank
2018-09-01 Uli A9 7 Hyenas Instant Alley
2018-09-01 Uli A9 Leopard Sandbank Hide

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