Olifants North Game Reserve

Sightings from the following months are available on this page:

Date Name Unit Sighting Location
2018-03-15 Joe Wardens House 1 x Honey badger Wardens House
2018-03-11 David B5 4x wild dogs Roller coaster
2018-03-11 Uli B5 leopard Bank Of Sedumoni opposit B5
2018-03-11 Uli B5 Marshall Eagle Link from Panzi to Pezula Link
2018-03-10 Johann B38 Leopard on rock Road to Wildebeest Dam
2018-03-10 Johann B38 Adult Peregrine falcon Rocky Horror
2018-03-10 David B5 Marshall Eagle New Road to Maseke fence
2018-03-10 David B5 Pair of Jackals Maseke fence line
2018-03-10 David B5 Gymnogene Wildebeest dam
2018-03-09 David B5 Ground Hornbill Near Warthog Wallow
2018-03-09 David B5 Fish Eagle Between Zebra crossing & Ndlovu
2018-03-07 Uli B5 Leopard Near Warthog Wallow
2018-03-05 Uli B5 3 x ground Hornbills Facing B5/B6
2018-03-05 Uli B5 2 x lionesses Pebble loop dam
2018-03-04 Roy & Debbie A8 Eurasian Hobby Hunting Swifts Kudu Dam
2018-03-04 Roy & Debbie A8 2 x Adult Groun Hornbills Kudu Pan
2018-03-04 Roy & Debbie A8 Barre Owl River
2018-03-04 Roy & Debbie A8 Osprey River
2018-03-04 Roy & Debbie A8 Shikra (juvenile) Tamboti Link
2018-03-04 Sarah B1 Leopard River bank by causeway
2018-03-03 Bev Fourie A12 Bateleur Eagle Ndlovu dam
2018-03-03 Bev Fourie A12 Tawny Eagle Ndlovu dam
2018-03-03 Sarah B1 Leopard River drive
2018-03-03 Sarah B1 Leopard Wildebeest Dam
2018-03-02 Perre B4 Trumpeter Hornbill @ unit B4
2018-03-01 Sarkins A8 Lioness on North opposit Lauries lookout
2018-03-01 Kenny B7 Dagga Bull Buffalo Secret valley rd
2018-03-01 Kenny B7 Hyena Pups @ den Secret Valley
2018-03-01 Kenny B7 2 x Honey badger Purple roller jundtionl
2018-03-01 Kenny B7 Leopard @ Unit B7
2018-03-01 Pierre B4 Hippo in camp at unit
2018-03-01 Pierre B4 Breeding herd Ellies Wildebeest dam

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