Olifants North Game Reserve

Sightings from the following months are available on this page:

Date Name Unit Sighting Location
2018-11-11 Uli B5 baby Impala Darasandi road to exit
2018-11-10 Duncan B22 3 x Male Lion Rocky Horror rd
2018-11-09 Graham B2 3x Lionesses & Male Wildebeest dam
2018-11-09 Pierre B4 Dark Chanting Goshawk Maseke Cut line between Builders
2018-11-09 Pierre B4 Herd Buffalo about 50 Builders rd
2018-11-09 Pierre B4 "Pom Pom" and 2 lionesses Ebony rd opposite B4
2018-11-08 Pierre B4 Brown Snake Eagle with a kill Darasandi rd
2018-11-08 Pierre B4 Giant Eagle Owl Ndlovu dam
2018-11-08 Pierre B4 Witnessed 2x Lionesses kill a young Impala Ram Cnr Rocky Horror & White Cliffs
2018-11-07 Jane A3 2 male & 2 lionesses Ebony rd, between Warthog Wallow & causeway
2018-11-06 Annemiek A4 3 lionesses & 1 male Road to cause way
2018-11-03 David B5 Small herd of Elephants Camp and Maroela drive
2018-11-03 Uli B5 Herd of Buffalo Secret Valley
2018-11-02 Graham B2 Pair of Klipspringers Mica Hill Picnic spot
2018-11-02 Graham B2 3 x Lionesses Causeway North

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