Olifants North Game Reserve

Sightings from the following months are available on this page:

Date Name Unit Sighting Location
2017-12-13 Wilfried A11 3 lionesses Warthog Wallow
2017-12-08 David B5 Male & Female Hyena & 2 x cubs Secret Valley
2017-12-05 Uli Levin B5 1 x male & 3 x Female Lions River drive
2017-12-04 David Levin B5 Herd of 50 buffalo Wildebbeest dam
2017-12-03 Pierre B4 Maritial eagle Unit 16/Jackal rd
2017-12-02 Pierre B4 African Spoonbill At Unit
2017-12-02 David B5 16x Mature kudu & 1 x Old Dagga Boy Wildebeest
2017-12-02 David B5 Old dagga boy Wildebeest
2017-12-02 David B5 16x Mature kudu Wildebeest
2017-12-02 Uli B5 Causeway Leopard
2017-12-01 Pierre B4 Yellow billed Storks Causeway
2017-12-01 Pierre B4 Banded Mongoose Sandbank drive
2017-12-01 Pierre B4 African Spoonbill Sandbank Hide
2017-12-01 Pierre B4 Flock of Violet - backed starlings (M &F) Old Airstrip
2017-12-01 Pierre B4 Pied barbet Lower river loop

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