Olifants North Game Reserve

Sightings from the following months are available on this page:

Date Name Unit Sighting Location
2019-04-22 Daniel B16 4 Male Lions Maseki Cutline
2019-04-22 Daniel B16 Leopard Kudu dam
2019-04-21 Roger B20 2 Dagga boys Wildebeest Dam
2019-04-21 Liz B20 2 Male lions Darasindi and Lovers leap road
2019-04-20 Zaria B20 Mating lions Waterbuck Road
2019-04-19 Uli A9 Leopard Pagati Link
2019-04-18 Charles B26 3x lions Waterbuck Road
2019-04-17 Pierre B4 Bronze Winged Courser Nyati Link Secret Valley
2019-04-13 Duncan B22 Female Lopard Pels loop / Bridge junction
2019-04-13 Duncan B22 3 x Ground Hornbills Old Airstrip
2019-04-12 Duncan B22 Female Leopard Infront of B22
2019-04-11 Roy A8 White headed Vulture The Pools
2019-04-01 Colin B12 Mating pair of Lions Grietjie Exit road

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